Instructor Thomas René Christensen



Thomas Rene Christensen, is a special security and protection specialist with a career spanning more than fifteen years.

Before starting his own company he has hold the following possession in other security companies: Assisting/regional chief and chief of specialdepartment.

He acted as the director of the World Federation of Bodyguards Denmark -and board member of WFB int. from 2004-2007. From 2007-2008 as the international director of the World Federation of Bodyguards INT

From 2008-2010  Thomas worked as a Sub-contractor in the position as Team leader and on the spot management. He worked in a Security Advisory Team in the GEO Maritime Security Division operating in the Gulf of Aden. His primary duties here were Anti Piracy detection and prevention however his role as Team Leader also required him to perform security assessments, emergency planning and target hardening constructions.

He has been writing training program’s and SOP´s for security companies and has instructed on security and protection courses world-wide for security officers, bodyguards, police officers, and surveillance detection units.

Thomas René Christensen is the founder and managing director of Knight Academy

Today Thomas teaches various aspects of risk management, Surveillance detection, IED prevention, driving hand to hand combat -and other close protection related subjects.

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