Instructor Dan Sommer


Dan Sommer, is a security and protection professional with a career spanning more than twenty years. He has been writing training program’s for security companies and police departments and has instructed on security and protection courses world-wide for security officers, bodyguards, police officers, counter assault teams and surveillance detection units.

He acted as the international director of the World Federation of Bodyguards from 2000-2007 and has a private security and protection consultancy. Today he teaches various aspects of risk management, marketing, business and career management. He is recognized internationally as an expert in the field of surveillance detection.

He is a “IMA” certified Company Security Officer (CSO) and Ship Security Officer (SSO)

As a consultant he has coached and mentored more than 300 students from 15 different countries and three continents. He has completed dozens of security, protection and counter terrorism courses and has Diplomas in Marketing & Business Management.


Security Risk Assessments, Crisis Management, Strategy Planning, Security education, Protection Training, Program Development, Internet marketing, career coaching, security business consulting

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