Teachers & Instructors


Teachers & Instructors
Knight Academy’s teachers and instructors, all have several years of operational experience and are specialists in their teaching field. Our teachers are not only selected based on their operational experience but also their ability to disseminate knowledge, manage and motivate students. 

Knight Academy instructor & student
During the course the student will be under the direct supervision of highly experienced, operational and professional instructors. Knight Academy instructors will instruct students in how to set up an entire CP operation from the beginning of the initial interview with the client to debriefing the task. All Knight Academy’s instructors have extensive experience in their field. The student will learn from people who repeatedly in sharp situations have tested exactly what they teach. So if it’s important to you as a student that your instructor must have “real world” CP experience  Knight Academy  is a natural choice as your training provider.

If you as a new bodyguard want to assure yourself some advantages in the competition for the available jobs. The only options you have, are through quality training and education, therefore  we have focus on capacity-building, preventive measures and effective protection of client and personal safety during our courses and educations. We teach only the techniques and tactics that we know from our own experience works, which means that our subjects are relevant, realistic, and give you the essential knowledge and abilities of being able to deliver professional close protection



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