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Instructor Jakob Birger Hansen


Jakob Birger Hansen, is a specialist in high risk security, special military skills, long range weapons and close protection, with a career spanning more than 19 years.

Jakob joined the Danish army at the age of 19, and have served in the infantry since 1992. He has done several tours overseas, including the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Jakob Birger Hansen has during his years in the army completed different courses, and occupied multiple functions.

Squad leader infantry.
Platoon seargent infantry.
Squad leader recon.
Intelligence NCO.
Protection Team Baghdad.
Sniper teamleader.
Sniper Instructor.

Jakob do also have a background in the French Foriegn Legion, as a Paratrooper in the 2REP.

He acted as a international instructor in the World Federation of Bodyguards from 2005-2008. Teaching high risk close protection, use of weapons, risk analysis and advanced driving.

Jakob Birger Hansen is the managing director of the department of High Risk Education in the Knight Academy. And Today Jakob teaches various aspects of leadership, intelligence management, Surveillance detection, use of weapons, special high risk skills, driving, hand to hand combat -and other close protection related subjects.

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