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Full CPO Education – Certified CPO


Knight Academy’s full Close Protection Officer´s education is a 22-week full time study and is a business-aligned course which focuses on capacity-building, preventive measures and effective protection of the client and the teams own security.

The full CPO education is a 22-week long full time education and is based on a 37 hour week with some weekend drills. During this education, you will be taught in all aspects of the CPO work. say everything from the first client interview to a full operational management. The education is organized so that you achieve a level where you can handle and manage the operations in countries with similar threat levels as in South America, Eastern Europe or any other non war-risk countries. The education also have focused on teaching the student leadership, administration and teaching skills so that the student after graduation can work as a private sub contractor, Team Leader or self-employed. The education is so versatile and enabling it is as much a security specialist education as a close protection officer education, so most of the security industry could have – and do benefit from this education.

The Education id designed so the majority of the theoretical instruction is focused early on in the education as a way to quickly achieve a deep background knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines and work areas within the CPO business. The theoretical training is followed by a practical demonstration. The educations main objective is through repeatedly to perform the practical training on a reality realistic way to simulate the actual ways and methods that a bodyguard works .This is particularly important in the further process of going out to find work; Here, our students, through special education diplomas can demonstrate practical experience and a certain routine.

Since 22 weeks may be long time, to move out of the calendar and when the education is associated with a certain cost. We recommend that you take our Diplomatic Protection course first, to see whether you have what it takes and whether the industry can deliver the dreams and expectations you may have. Should you after having taken our Diplomatic Protection course still wish to take the full CPO education, the price you gave for the course will be deducted from the education price. So there is no extra cost associated with first taking the course.

The Price for the 22 weeks are 235.000 DKR. - and requieres a minimum of 10 students.


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