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CPO Educations


Knight Academy Close Protection Educations are are for now only offered in Denmark. The Educations are relevant, realistic, and make sure essential knowledge and abilities  of being able to deliver professional Close protection.

In Knight Academy, we have two long term educations which are spread across a Full Close Protection education and Full High Risk PSD education

Job opportunities after graduation
With the world as your workplace, and the ongoing situation with more war and conflict zones in the world today, there is a increasing need for well trained bodyguards to ensure the safeguarding of security and protection functions that cannot be handled by police or military units around the world.

We have established cooperation with GEO (Global Executive Outreach) who is a significant player in the private security market. The cooperation is based on GEO sending a recruiting manager at the end of the education where he will assess students and record the most appropriate in their database of possible topics for future jobs.

In Knight Academy, we work to establish similar agreements with several of the major providers in the private security market around the world.

Authorized bodyguard training
As it is today companies does not require any special authorization to offer educations, courses and training for CPO´s in the private market around the world. But there is the British SIA- and also the  security industry’s trade association issued requirements for what a person who wants to work with Close protection under ISO 9001 certification as a minimum, must have received in training. And  all these performance specifications will the Knight Academy education and courses fulfill in full .

Right now the Danish State, are in the process of evaluating our full CPO education. This is done to secure that the education live up to all their requirements and criteria’s that a private education must meet in order to get the State approval. When approved it will be the first State approved full time CPO education in the world. And it will be a State recognized education equal to carpenter, electrician etc.

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