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Knight Academy High Risk Protection Team course is based on our Full High-Risk PSD Education.
The course is compressed down to 14 intensive days, the reactions to the course is an intensive, physically and mentally tough course with days beginning at 06:00 and ending around 00:00. This means that even though the course is only 14 days, you get about 220 hours of intensive training, which easily makes out to what is being taught in a 4-week course offered by other “civilian” training providers and a teaching/training amount equivalent to 6 weeks of ordinary school teaching. Why this course also is being held as a residential course. The course is a bridging course to the Diplomatic Protection course. It is therefore a prerequisite that you have passed the Diplomatic Protection course before you can apply for admission. The course focuses on the bodyguard’s work in environments with very high risk and includes tactical training and shooting. This course is normally held in Italy.

We give the critics entirely right in that students learn best when the lessons are 40 minutes long and one day no longer than 8 hours including breaks and lunch. But from our professional experience we know that in the “real world”, the CP-operative cannot afford them “luxcirius” timetables.  In the Knight Academy, we believe firmly that professionals must “Train As You Fight” and therefore we offer only realistic training.

Each day will consist of one or more specific modules that are directly related to our PT High Risk Course. Knight Academy is committed to teach and test students in all elements of the industry and to provide students with vital knowledge to keep them safe and alive, even in combat scenarios.

Morning 06:00 to 12:00
Each day starts with physical combat training. After showers and breakfast, the student will be taught in the module specific theory lessons followed by the opportunity to ask questions. After a brief pause, the student will participate in a demonstration of the newly taught material, so the student can get a better practical understanding of the newly learned tactics and techniques.

Daytime 12:00 two 18:00
After lunch, the student will get time with the other students to prepare and plan the practical training scenario and then test themselves and other students under guidance and observation of Knight Academy teachers or instructors

Evening 18:00 24:00 two
The students day will end with dinner followed by evening theory sessions to finalize the specific module. Depending on the module and students’ progress, late-night exercises can occur before the final Team Briefings and training index.

Price: 4700 euro including. Diet & accommodation

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