Full High Risk Education


Knight Academy´s Full High-Risk PSD Education is a bridging course for the Full CPO Education. The course has duration of 20 weeks. Some parts of the teaching are 24 hour days and outside Denmark’s borders. The Education focuses on operational activities in areas of war-like conditions.

Full High Risk  is a bridging for the Full CPO education where the teaching have focus on  organized security tasks in areas of war or very high risk. The education is a full-time study and has duration of 20 weeks where parts of the training takes place as residential teaching including shooting and tactical training there will take place abroad. The full high risk education consist of besides Close protection also of teaching in information gathering, patrolling, setting up a observation post, in -and exfiltrating of hostile territory

The Education is designed so the majority of the theoretical instruction is focused early on in the education as a way to quickly achieve a deep background knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines and work areas within the CPO business. The theoretical training is followed by a practical demonstration. The educations main objective is through repeatedly to perform the practical training on a reality realistic way to simulate the actual ways and methods that a bodyguard works .This is particularly important in the further process of going out to find work; Here, our students, through special education diplomas can demonstrate practical experience and a certain routine

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