Evening & Weekendschool


Knight Academy’s evening and weekend school is offered for those who for various reasons are unable to receive teaching within the normal class hours.  It is in the Knight Academy possible to order many of our special skills courses as evening & weekend lessons. We can by agreement also arrange other types of teaching as evening or weekend lessons.

Knight Academy run a full Diplomatic protection course as evening and weekend school  which spans over 10 weeks.  The Diplomatic Protection course consist of 25 teaching evenings spread over the 10 weeks. Teaching at these days will take place from 18.00 to 23.00 In addition to the 25-day evening classes, the course also consists of 3 weekends where we teach from Friday. 18.00 – Sunday. 18.00. These weekends are held as residential course and therefore include both diet & lodging.

We start new evening and weekend schools when there are a total of at least 10 people signup for the class

The price for Diplomatic Protection as evening and weekend school is 3400 euro all inclusive.

For registration or more information contact us at info@knightacademy.dk

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