Diplomatic Protection – Advanced Close protection Course


Knight Academy’s Diplomatic Protection – Advanced Close protection Course is a full 16 day Course.

You will,  during the course be taught in all aspects of the Close Protection Officer´s  work. There are at this course focus on the protection of Diplomats, Executives or dignitaries who find themselves in environments with up to medium risk for example South America.

Please be noted that this course does not subscribe to the low standard imposed by the SIA and therefore no UK license will be gained as a result of attending this course. 

The 16-day course is a  residential course. The course is based on our 7 week normal hour course there in this version has been  compressed down to 16 intensive days, with up to 18 hours of teaching per day.  This is the reason why this course  is being held as a residential course -and also the reason that this the most in-depth and comprehensive course of its kind anywhere within the private sector – anywhere in the world.  The course encompasses every element of conventional and unconventional Close Protection Tactics and the only course in the Commercial part of the industry there in this short time come as near as possible to the government level of close protection

This course will educate students to the skill sets, confidence and efficacy to make them deployable within diplomatic and executive environments as near to government level as is commercially possible in this short time. The students will after graduation of the course not only be able to setup security around  for example  an ambassador but also the embassy and residence due to that this course have fokus on every layer of security surrounding a principal including surveillance detection.   We put an honor in ensuring that those entering the profession of close protection fully understand the personal standards there need to be obtained -and maintained to properly and safely conduct protection operations. We do this through first teaching  in depth theory of the why and how we do it,  then correctly demonstrate it then extensive training and testing as a filtering process to ensure that the students possess the requisite knowledge and skill level of how to setup and run an CP operation.

Please be noted that this course is tough due to the extensive learning hours every day of the course.

The Course price therefore include both diet & lodging.

For more information on Diplomatic Protection course click the link below.

Diplomatic Protection Course syllabus

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