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Diplomatic Protection – SIA Approved


Knight Academy’s Diplomatic Protection course is a full 16 day Course.
You will,  during the course be taught in all aspects of the Close Protection Officer´s  work. There are at this course focus on the protection of diplomats, businessmen who find themselves in environments with up to medium risk for example South America.

The 16-day course is a  residential course. The course is a 6 week normal hour course there is compressed down to 16 intensive days, with up to 18 hours of teaching per day. This is the reason why this course  is being held as a residential course. The Course price therefore include both diet & lodging.

As something new we can also offer the Diplomatic Protection CPO course as a direct SIA Licence course. (16 day CP and 5 day FPOS I in total 21 days) This means that you during the Knight Academy Diplomatic Close protection course, will complete all required modules that are necessary for directly after the course to apply for the Close protection level 3 SIA licence. Which means you during the course will receive the tuition and take the final exam required for the CP level 3 SIA licence in both CPO, Medic (FPOS) and conflict management. If passed all the exam you will receive the Diplomas you need to apply for the SIA licence and no more courses are required to get the SIA licence. Please note that you, yourself after receiving the Diplomas need to apply and pay for the licence it is a personal licence and therefore not something we can apply for you.


Knight Academy’s  16 day Diplomatic Protection with out SIA  is 17.500 DKK

Knight Academy’s  16 day Diplomatic Protection with  SIA  and conflict management is 21.500 DKK

Knight Academy’s  Full driving packed for the DP course ( incl. practical ramming with the cars) 3000 DKK Addon

Knight Academy’s  5 day FPOS I medic course 5500 DKK*

*You need the FPOS I course to apply for the SIA licens


For more information on Diplomatic Protection course click the link below.

Diplomatic Protection Course syllabus

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