Close Protection Courses


Knight Academy courses can be taken as both evening & weekend courses, regular schooling and residential course. The courses are typically located in Denmark, Aarhus or at our training camp in Lithuania . The PT High Risk is normally  always located in Lithuania. We only teach techniques and tactics we know works out of  experience. In the Knight Academy, we have two complete courses the  Diplomatic Protection and PT High Risk.

Knight Academy School of Special Forces Training Concept
Knight Academy follows the tried and tested concept of “Crawl-Walk-Run” which means that for every  training scenario, we explain first the theory behind it in detail, then we demonstrate the scenario with student interaction and then we direct and observe as the students test their skills repeatedly. These concepts of training have been the standard method utilized by the “elite” special Forces for decades. All our training modules consist of three specific phases:

1st Core Theory Phase
Consists of highly researched lessons, using either used “visual aids” and / or “touch and try” including amble time for student questions and answers. The student´s grasp of the theory taught is repeatedly tested througout the course.

Second demonstration phase
During this stage, the instructor /s will physically demonstrate how to safely perform the physical parts of the module and “walk and show” the non-physical aspects. This is done with full student interation and open opportunity for questions and answers.

3rd Execution Phase
During this stage, students carry out the module utilizing  of both their memory of the knowledge  taught in the theory stage and their visual memory of the demonstration phase. All Knight Academy  exercises follow the “crawl-walk-run” concept, and thus the student will repeat the exercises at increasing speed until they have reached a professional level of proficiency.

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