You will here in our calendar find a list of specified dates for courses and educations. Seats on the specified courses and education will be sold on a first come first served basis.

To avoid cancellations and postponements of our courses because of too few participants to a given date. We first specifies the dates of our courses and educations when we have enrolled enough student to hold the course or education.

This way to determine the course dates gives you a greater opportunity to influence   when it suits you the best to attend your close protection training or education. This way there will be no limitations on when or how many courses there can be held annually. We simply set the dates when there are enough students enrolled to a course.  And this should hopefully lead to our students will experience less waiting time to get on to a course or education.

The dates for the courses or educations are as widely as possible decided in corporation between Knight Academy and the enrolled students. The remaining spots there may remain on the course or education is sold on a first come first served basis.
Minimum enrollments prior to setting a date:
Intro course 5 students
Diplomatic Protection 6 students
Full CPO education 10 students
special Skill courses 5 students

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