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Lifting Global Security Standards

Teachers & Instructors

Knight Academy´s teachers and instructors, all have several years of operational experience and are specialists in their teaching field. Our teachers are not only selected based on their operational experience but also their ability to disseminate knowledge, manage and motivate students.


We have merged with the Guardian-SRM

We have merged with the Guardian-SRM and run all our future courses under the Guardian-srm brand name. We have taken the best of the two houses and designed a new 16-day close protection officer course -and as something new we can offer our students to take the BTEC LVL 3 exam to be used for the British SIA license. Another exciting initiative is that we begin to run most of our courses in Lithuania, the reason for this is to make the course more realistic as this will cause the student to work in an foreign environment with different language and culture simulating a typical working situation for a CPO.

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