Lifting Global Security Standards

Teachers & Instructors

Knight Academy´s teachers and instructors, all have several years of operational experience and are specialists in their teaching field. Our teachers are not only selected based on their operational experience but also their ability to disseminate knowledge, manage and motivate students.


How we are differnt and how our courses re-defining industy standards

We do not provide low standard courses for the sole purpose of obligatory licensing

Thereby are our course standard and content not dictated to follow any low standard industry authority or regulatory body

We set the highest commercial standard and design our courses to that they live up to operational requirement at a government level

We have designed our courses not just to have focus on the how but also in depth teach you the why. Meaning that it is important for us to teach you not just how we do in practice but also teach you the theory of the subject so you understand why we do as we do. This will give you better ability to adapt

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